Ink Therapy Tattoos
Professional Tattoo Shop in Carbondale, PA
What is therapy? Therapy refers to the process of recieving professional assistance with physical. mental or emotional woes. It is counseling and other treatment that relieves or heals. It is a remedy.

What is Ink Therapy? Ink Therapy is a tattoo and piercing shop located at 91 N. Main Street in Carbondale Pennsylvania, where professional tattoo artist Drew Vranizan will counsel you on your concept and assist you with deciding on the best placement for your design. Drew will treat you well and with respect. Whether you want a lasting memory of an emotional time in your life (wedding, anniversary, birth of a child, loss of a loved one, etc.) or you want to forget the past (remedy an old tattoo with a re-work or with a cover up), or you just want some bad-ass ink, Drew can assist you with all of your tattoo & piercing needs. So call Drew at 570-281-6510 or come into the shop.